Who can apply?
Hospital Fund: Nonprofit hospitals or other qualified nonprofits working in close cooperation with Qualified Charitable Hospitals for health services and programs serving specified service areas in Los Angeles and northern Orange Counties.

General Purpose Fund: Qualified nonprofit organizations not working in close cooperation with charitable hospitals for health-related services.

How often are grants awarded?
Grants are approved at the Foundation’s November, February and May board meetings.

Are individuals eligible for grants?
No, individuals are not eligible for grants.

Where can I see a list of recent and past UniHealth grants?
Search our Grants Database.

Are there areas in which grants are not made?
Grants will not be given for propagandizing and/or influencing legislation or elections, lobbying, political campaigns, programs that promote religious doctrine, events, endowments, annual fund drives, non-applied research, general operating expenses, or retirement of debt.

What are the deadlines for grant proposals?
A due date and a meeting docket date are provided when an organization is invited to submit a proposal.


How does an organization apply for a grant?
Applicants are required to submit a preliminary letter of inquiry (LOI).

Does UniHealth Foundation accept unsolicited proposals?
No, UniHealth Foundation does not accept uninvited proposals.

What goes into a letter of inquiry (LOI)?
The LOI should contain a brief description of the organization and the project, the geographic area and population served, the amount requested and a copy of the agency’s IRS exemption letter. It must be signed by the organization’s authorizing executive. No application form is needed at this stage.

Are there deadlines for letters of inquiry?
No, there are no deadlines for LOIs.

May an organization fax or e-mail an LOI?
Yes, an organization may mail, fax or e-mail (in PDF form) a LOI signed by the organization’s most senior executive.

How does an organization know if it may submit a proposal?
All LOIs are screened by UniHealth Foundation program staff. Applicants are advised of the results via mail. Those applicants invited to submit a full proposal will receive detailed information, including grant proposal guidelines.

If my organization has an active UHF grant, may we submit an LOI for another project?
Yes, a current grantee may submit an LOI.

What is UniHealth Foundation’s indirect cost (administrative overhead) policy?
UniHealth Foundation allows for indirect costs for up to a maximum of 10% of direct costs.


Where would UHF grantees find their reporting requirements?
General reporting guidelines are available on the website. However, reporting requirements are included with the grant award contract and are individualized to each funded project. Grantees with additional questions should contact their program officer.

Whom do we contact regarding revisions to the project’s scope of work or budget?
Grantees should contact their assigned program officer (see award letter) regarding revisions to the project’s scope of work or budget. Modification requests must be received in writing. Modification form are available on the website.