Code of Ethics


UniHealth Foundation is an independent private healthcare foundation. We are committed to becoming a pace-setter in healthcare philanthropy, supporting innovative activities, while provoking and sustaining changes that positively impact health. Our mission is to support and facilitate activities that significantly improve the health and well being of individuals and communities we serve. We value: long term solutions to meeting current and future health needs; innovation in approaches to facilitating and financing healthcare programs and services; education and prevention to promote health knowledge and preventive health services; access to a full range of ambulatory, acute care, sub-acute care and community based programs and services; partnerships with the nonprofit community; and stewardship of the foundation’s charitable assets.

The following Code of Ethics informs and guides the way that UniHealth Foundation Board Members and staff perform their responsibilities when acting on behalf of the organization.

Code of Ethics

I.Personal and Professional Integrity
All Board Members and staff are committed to acting with honesty, integrity and openness in their dealings as representatives of UniHealth Foundation. UniHealth Foundation promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

UniHealth Foundation has a clearly stated mission and purpose, approved by the Board of Directors in furtherance of its philanthropic purpose. All of the Foundation’s activities support its mission, and Board Members and staff understand and are loyal to the Foundation’s mission and purpose.

UniHealth Foundation’s Board of Directors understands and embraces its responsibility to oversee the mission, strategic direction, finances and operations of the organization and to do so honestly and with integrity. The Board works to ensure that its Members have the requisite skills and experience to carry out their duties, and that all Members understand and fulfill their governance duties for the benefit of the Foundation and its charitable purpose. The Board of Directors establishes clear and understandable policies and ensures that they are followed. The Board of Directors has a conflict of interest policy that ensures that any conflicts of interest or the appearances thereof are avoided or appropriately managed through disclosure, recusal or other means.

IV.Legal Compliance
UniHealth Foundation is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation manages its endowment and its grantmaking budget responsibly and prudently to sustain the Foundation’s philanthropic purposes. The Board is committed to spending adequately on administrative expenses to ensure effective accounting systems, internal controls, competent staff, professional advice, adequate facilities and other equipment critical to professional management are maintained

VI.Grantmaking Programs
The Board of Directors shapes and oversees UniHealth Foundation’s grantmaking programs, and reviews and approves programmatic grantmaking goals, objectives and guidelines. UniHealth Foundation’s grantmaking guidelines are available on its website ( and in print.

VII.Openness and Disclosure
The Board of Directors and staff work to ensure that UniHealth Foundation provides accurate and timely information to the public, the media and grantees. UniHealth Foundation will respond in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information. Information about the Foundation, including its Form 990-PF and audited financial statements, is posted on the Foundation’s website. The Foundation also publishes grantmaking guidelines and periodic electronic communications regarding grants made and outcomes via Constant Contact. The Board and staff work to ensure that all financial, organizational and program reports are complete and accurate in all material respects.

VIII.Program Evaluation
The Board and staff work to ensure that the Foundation regularly reviews its grantmaking activities for effectiveness and impact and strive to incorporate lessons learned into its grantmaking. UniHealth Foundation is committed to collaborating with grantees to maximize the usefulness and learning of evaluation and minimize its burdens.

IX.Inclusiveness and Diversity
UniHealth Foundation values inclusiveness and understands and respects the diversity of the communities and grantees with which we work. The Foundation takes meaningful steps to promote inclusiveness in its hiring, retention, promotion and board recruitment.