Eligible Funding Areas

Responsive grantmaking is the Foundation’s strategy to direct resources to emerging and unmet needs within the health care field. The Foundation funds select health-related projects which align with the Foundation’s Grantmaking Framework. Fundable projects seek to have measurable impact on health and well-being.

The majority of UniHealth funding is designated towards programs/projects that impact the health and well-being of the residents and communities within our Los Angeles and Orange County geographic service areas. However, limited funding is also available for other areas throughout California.

Grants will not be given for propagandizing and/or influencing legislation or elections, political campaigns, programs that promote religious doctrine, events, endowments, annual fund drives, non-applied research, general operating expenses, or retirement of debt.

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Grants are awarded to eligible organizations and projects through two designated funds:

Hospital Fund:  To be eligible for the Hospital Fund, the applicant organization must be: 1) a nonprofit hospital; or 2) a nonprofit working through or in close cooperation with a charitable hospital for health-related services and programs.

General Purpose Fund: Qualified nonprofit organizations not working in close cooperation with charitable hospitals for health related purposes are eligible to apply to the General Purpose Fund.