How to Apply

UniHealth Foundation has a three-step application process. All steps must be completed sequentially.

1. Before you begin an LOI, please complete the Eligibility Quiz. Eligibility Quizzes are reviewed internally and can be submitted at any time. Once reviewed, program staff will reach out via e-mail with eligibility results and next steps.

2. If eligible, the applicant can submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). LOIs are reviewed quarterly by an internal committee. Applicants will be advised of the results via e-mail or mail. Requests that will be considered for further review will be invited to submit a full proposal. Applicants will receive detailed information by e-mail, including grant proposal guidelines and due dates.

3. When an applicant is invited to submit a formal proposal, there will be a review period during which the Foundation will reach out to the organization to discuss the proposal, ask questions regarding the project, and gather further information. Proposals that are in alignment with the Foundation’s mission will be presented to the Board at a quarterly meeting. Grant proposals are a request for funding and not a guarantee of an award.

UniHealth Foundation
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