Southern California Patient Safety Collaborative

In the six years since the Institute of Medicine report on medical errors brought the issue of patient safety into the mainstream, hospitals have struggled to develop protocols and procedures to reduce the occurrence of preventable medical errors. While some progress has been made, there has been no known coordinated effort among hospitals in Southern California to address the issue of patient safety. To assist local hospitals, the National Health Foundation, Convergence Health Consulting and the Hospital Association of Southern California recently launched the Southern California Patient Safety Collaborative. Funded by UniHealth Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and California Healthcare Foundation, this 18-month project will help hospitals to fully implement patient safety protocols, either by adopting national, evidence-based standards/practices or by developing evidence-based protocols for locally identified issues.

The advent of the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce (CHART), a statewide hospital report card, has provided an additional incentive for hospitals to reduce preventable medical error, the incidence of which will be publicly reported. Focus areas for the Patient Safety Collaborative include healthcare acquired infections, medication errors, patient identification errors, and reducing pressure ulcers. Hospitals will take part in peer-to-peer learning collaboratives and share ideas on how to implement practices and at least three evidence-based clinical interventions to improve and measure quality and patient safety.

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