New Applicant FAQs
We aim to provide more details and responses to frequently asked questions about our application process.


Please note that our Medical Student Scholarship Program has a different process, the details of which can be found on our Healthcare Workforce page.

Are grants limited to applicants in certain geographic regions?

UniHealth funding focuses on programs and projects that impact our Los Angeles and Orange County geographic service areas. However, limited funding is also available for activities that impact the health and well-being of individuals and communities throughout California.

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How often are grants awarded?

Grants are approved on a quarterly basis at the Foundation’s November, March, June, and September board meetings.

Are individuals eligible for grants?

No, individuals are not eligible for grants.

What projects/programs are not eligible for grants?

We do not provide grants for propagandizing and/or influencing legislation or elections, lobbying, political campaigns, programs that promote religious doctrine, events, endowments, annual fund drives, non-applied research, general operating expenses, or retirement of debt.

Where can I see a list of recent and past UniHealth grants?

Visit Grants in Action to search our database of grants from 2015 – 2018.

What are the deadlines for grant proposals?

UniHealth provides a due date and a meeting docket date when an organization is invited to submit a proposal.

How does an organization start the process of applying for a grant?

As a first step, please complete the Eligibility Quiz. These can be submitted at any time. Foundation program staff will reach out via e-mail with eligibility results and next steps. If eligible, an applicant will be invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). LOIs are reviewed quarterly, and applicants will be advised of the results via e-mail or mail. Requests that will be considered for further review will be invited to submit a full proposal and detailed information about grant proposal guidelines and due dates will be provided. For more information, see our How To Apply section.

Does UniHealth Foundation accept unsolicited proposals?
UniHealth Foundation does not accept uninvited proposals.
What should be included in a letter of inquiry (LOI)?

The LOI should contain a brief description of the organization and the project, the geographic area and population served, the amount requested and a copy of the agency’s IRS exemption letter. It must be signed by the organization’s authorizing executive. No application form is needed at this stage.

Are there deadlines for LOIs?
No, there are no deadlines for LOIs, They are accepted on a rolling basis after determined eligible via the Eligibility Quiz.
May an organization mail, e-mail, or fax an LOI or Proposal?

The Foundation now only accepts LOIs and Proposals via email; please see our Application Process page for more information.

If my organization has an active UniHealth grant, may we submit an LOI for another project?

A current grantee may submit an LOI for consideration, although an organization will not be invited for a new grant proposal while they have an active grant with UniHealth Foundation.

We recently submitted an LOI and were declined. May we resubmit?

Your organization will be required to re-take the Eligibility Quiz and submit a new LOI.

We have a project that might be a fit within the Foundation’s funding priorities. Should we set up a meeting with the Foundation staff to discuss our ideas?

The first step is to complete the Eligibility Quiz. You are welcome to contact the Program Officer for clarification about the Foundation’s interests or to seek any other assistance after you receive the outcome of your eligibility quiz.

What is UniHealth Foundation’s indirect cost (administrative overhead) policy?

UniHealth Foundation allows for indirect costs for up to a maximum of 10% of requested direct costs.

How do I check the status of my request?

You may submit an email to requesting any update on the status of your request. We ask that you wait two weeks after submitting your eligibility quiz before checking on the status of your request.

How does an organization know if it may submit a proposal?

Please review our Eligible Applicants page and complete an Eligibility Quiz.

How does an organization submit a proposal?

Please start with our Eligibility Quiz and review our Application Process for an overview of further steps.



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