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We Fund Collaboration because an empowered Healthcare Delivery System relies on collaboration … between people, institutions, and resources, resulting in cost-effective, patient-centered, high-quality care. UniHealth supports this collaboration with activities and programs designed to:

Enhance the organizational capacity and financial stability of nonprofit hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Increase access to comprehensive, coordinated care across the healthcare continuum.

Effect higher patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Streamline operations for value and risk-based reimbursements.

Use technology, data, and scientific advances to improve care and outcomes.


Adventist Health White Memorial

Los Angeles, California

The goal is to replace the traditional model that the hospital has used to recruit and hire nursing professionals with a long-term strategy that encourages local high school students to pursue nursing careers, help nursing students graduate and pass their licensing exams, and encourage new nursing professionals to remain in their communities by starting their nursing careers at the hospital.

AMOUNT: $450,000
TERM: 24 months

We Fund 


These local students graduate and remain to care for people in their own community. Sharing a common language and culture, as well as local roots helps contribute to a speedier recovery, greater patient satisfaction and higher nurse retention rates.

MaryAnne Chern, FAHP, ACFRE
Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation President


in Action

For over 15 years, Adventist Health White Memorial Medical Center has worked in collaboration with TELACU Foundation in East Los Angeles to locally recruit into the nursing profession. The program encourages people who live in the community to work in their community while also providing relevant and culturally competent healthcare to their community.

UniHealth Funding Initiative

Pathway to Health and Home

UniHealth Foundation has partnered with Cedars-Sinai and Providence Southern California to commit $15 million in grantmaking and program-related investments over two years to improve the healthcare of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. The funding initiative, called Pathway to Health and Home, identifies collaborations and partnerships between healthcare and housing providers to better integrate clinical services into interim and supportive housing units.



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