Healthcare Workforce
We Fund Inspiration so a new generation of the Healthcare Workforce is inspired and ready to meet the growing demand for providers and multi-disciplinary teams who will deliver coordinated care across the continuum. UniHealth inspires by supporting programs and activities that aim to:

Develop a healthcare workforce of sufficient size, diversity, and quality to meet the nation’s evolving healthcare needs.

Encourage and empower medical practitioners working in underserved communities.

Identify and assess factors impacting industry workforce development as a whole.

Promote the training and retention of culturally competent clinical staff.


LA Bioscience Hub

Pasadena, California

Program support for the development of the LA BioTech Leaders Academy, which engages and activates local students and property owners for job creation, start-ups, biotech company recruitment to the area, and training opportunities.

AMOUNT: $150,000
TERM: 18 months

We Fund 


With the UniHealth Foundation grant, LA Bioscience Hub expanded its programming to work more closely with bioscience companies, helping them to create more opportunities for students from LA community colleges to gain hands-on experience and access new employment opportunities.

Yordanos Gebretatios
Executive Director, LA Bioscience Hub


in Action

With funding from UniHealth Foundation, LA Bioscience Hub’s Biotech Leaders Academy provides students from diverse communities with high-quality paid summer internships, opening up new pathways to careers in the bioscience industries.

UniHealth Foundation Medical School Scholarship Program

As part of our Healthcare Workforce Development strategy, UniHealth Foundation has a medical school scholarship program. Each year, we invite ten California medical schools to nominate one of their current third- or fourth-year medical students who is interested in, and has shown a proven commitment to, working in a medically underserved community in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties. Once approved, UniHealth awards that individual a one-time scholarship in the amount of $55,000 to be paid toward student loan debt.

We are pleased to present our Medical Student Scholarship recipients:



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