Population & Community Health
We Fund Connection because impactful work in Population & Community Health calls for strong connections … between addressing current health needs, supporting ongoing wellness, and promoting prevention. UniHealth grantees make these connections with interdisciplinary programs that strive to:

Empower people to engage in positive health behaviors and make informed decisions, especially with regard to appropriate use of healthcare services.

Alleviate the social and economic circumstances that can prevent people from reaching and maintaining positive health outcomes.

Encourage strategies and partnerships across community sectors – such as public health, industry, academia, health services, and local government entities — to address health disparities.

Enhance quality of life and reduce the impact of disease by fostering healthy environments.


The Cambodian Family

Santa Ana, California

Program support for the expansion of its the Healthy Changes Program (HCP). HCP works to increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services, information and resources for underserved, low-income, limited-English-proficient Cambodian-American residents of Orange County.

AMOUNT: $100,000
TERM: 24 months

We Fund 


Our health navigators have . . . made a huge impact in the community through providing education, serving as patients’ support system, helping limited-English-proficient clients navigate the complex health care system, and more importantly, helping clients access quality preventive healthcare services in a timely manner.

Vattana Peong
The Cambodian Family Executive Director

UniHealth Funding Initiative

Pathway to Health and Home

UniHealth Foundation has partnered with Cedars-Sinai and Providence Southern California to commit $15 million in grantmaking and program-related investments over two years to improve the healthcare of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. The funding initiative, called Pathway to Health and Home, identifies collaborations and partnerships between healthcare and housing providers to better integrate clinical services into interim and supportive housing units.



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